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Pay With Bank Account

This is applicable for the USA customers only

USA customers who do not have PayPal account / Credit Card or who is scared of using the Credit Card / Debit Card online, there is an alternative way of paying for the 1 Rupee Indian Revenue Stamps. If you have an account with one of the following banks, you may transfer the payment amount for the 1 Rupee Indian Revenue Stamps to our bank account through the email address, "".

Click on the Bank image to know more about the process and the steps involved in transferring the money by email address.

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These banks are members of the clearXchange. clearXchange is the first network in the USA created by banks that lets customers send and receive person-to-person (P2P) payments easily and securely using an email address or mobile number.

The online banking system of the above mentioned banks allow money transfer to any person in USA using their email address. Please visit your bank website or contact the Customer Service Centre of your bank to know more about transferring money using the email address.

Once you have transferred the amount, you will need to send us the confirmation/transaction number of the money transfer, your full name as shown in your bank account, number of stamps needed and the shipping address (including the apartment number, if any) where the stamps have to be shipped by email to "".

This is applicable for the USA customers only.

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